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We Turned 15 And It Feels SO Good!

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We want to say “Thank you” to each and every one of you for the support we have received over the past 15 years. Our Anniversary Party was a huge success. We hope those of you who were able to attend had as much fun as we did and made some good connections.  

Throughout the year we will be having other events and giveaways, so please keep engaging with us on Social Media and keeping an eye out for those. You can see some of the pictures from our party on Facebook.

Congratulations Project Homeless Connect on winning our Grand Prize of a FREE website for one local Non-Profit. We have already had our kickoff meeting and look forward to working with Kim and her volunteer team to raise awareness and assistance for their mission.

We Invite You To Join Us In Celebration Of Our 15 Years of Awesomeness!!!

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The celebration so nice, we have to do it twice! Join us in the morning 11am-1pm or in the afternoon 4pm – 6pm for snacks, beverages, Edge One Media Apple Fennel Chocolates, a tour, one to one conversations with us and our clients and partners, and over a dozen door prize entries. This is our way of saying Thank You for the support and love you have shown our business these past 15 years.

It’s not too late to join in the fun, if you have a product or service you’d like us to feature on our Facebook Live Giveaways, contact Megan

The fun won’t stop here, watch Facebook closely to join in on the fun all year long. 

For more info on our party, visit our Facebook Event and tell us you’re coming.  We hope to see you January 18th to celebrate with you and say “Thank You” in person!

Don’t Forget About Your Loyal Customers

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How many of us feel cheated by our cable companies that only offer specials and discounted rates for new customers and do nothing for those who have been with the same company for years?

We all want to grow, and to do so we focus so much on generating new customers. But it is important to not forget about the loyal customers whom time and time again do business with us. What is the point of getting new customers if we can’t keep the ones who we already have, we can’t grow if we are losing customers just as fast as we are gaining them.

Treat your repeat customers right. Remembering their names and who they are on a personal level is great but what if you have too many customers to do so but still want to show all of them gratitude? You can make posts on social media or blog but if you don’t have a newsletter yet, it can be a fantastic tool. It allows you to keep a list of customers and is an easy way to make sure everyone is aware of special offers and news with your business.

Let your employees know you care!

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One of the biggest motivators for employees (besides money!) is recognition and feeling that they are valued. Encouraging your employees when they are doing a good job, asking them how they are, and even attention through constructive criticism is beneficial. These are just a few simple ways, amongst many, to show your employees you value them. Keeping your employees happy or even just content, instead of dreading work everyday, will increase quality and productivity while decreasing employee turnover.

Portland business journal philanthropy awards honor edge one media

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My Grandfather used to tell me “Community service is the rent you pay for living in the world.”

If you asked Megan (my loving wife and incredible business partner), she would tell you that her passion for giving is deeply rooted in her childhood memories as well.

So, when Megan and I started looking to grow our business, one of our core values was community service.

Megan volunteered on every committee she was invited to and I set about supporting her efforts with digital and creative works our company could offer.

Over the past five years alone, we’ve helped raise over $250,000 for the Tigard/Tualatin Relay for Life, awarded over $100,000 in heart research grants at OHSU (funds that are matched 10 to 1 by federal research grants), and donated nearly 5,000 volunteer hours to non-profit organizations in our community.

We’re proud to say that we know people who are alive today because of money we have been able to raise for life-saving programs we have represented.

On Wednesday, our company was honored at the Portland Business Journal Corporate Philanthropy Awards and it was truly and honor for Megan and I to attend this event. It was so inspiring to be a part of such an amazing community who’s commitment to giving is so strong.

However, the point of this post is not to highlight our award, but to highlight the awards we have been given through through community involvement.

We have been able to build and be a part of an amazing community who tirelessly works for causes they believe in.

We have been able to build and grow a business who values working hard and supporting others.

We have been able to involve our children in a way that will hopefully inspire them to become active participants in causes they choose to support.

The power of giving has enriched our lives and made our business grow.

Your causes may be different than ours, but if you could build a community, give to others, and increase your sales, wouldn’t you want to do it?

Pick something that’s important to you and do something about it. It’s the best rent you’ll ever pay.