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The Latest Updates on Instagram: New Feed Options, Reels Remix, and More

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Instagram has been rolling out a lot of new updates and features over the past month. Two of our favorites are the new feed options and the Reels Remix.

Feed Options

Instagram has introduced two new chronological feed options – Following and Favorites – allowing you to choose how you want to view your feed. Following will only show you posts from people you follow while Favorites will only show you posts from accounts you have chosen, like your best friends, family, favorite creators, etc. You can Favorite up to 50 accounts, and these can be changed as much and as often as you would like. The Home feed is the previous Instagram algorithm that will show you posts you may like based on your like and comment history, as well as showing them non-chronologically. To switch between feeds, tap on the Instagram logo in the top left corner of the home page and select which feed you would like to see.

Reels Remix

Remix is similar to TikTok’s Duet feature where you can record a video in response to an existing Reel. You can Remix any Reel, as long as the original creator has enabled Remixing on their content. This feature is excellent for blind reactions to content, dance collaborations, and participating in challenges.

Other new features to look out for:

  • Creating Reels from Story Highlights
  • Adding Sound Effects in Reels
  • Private Story Likes
  • New “Your Activity” Feature
  • Updated Poll Sticker
  • New “Scheduled” Sticker

An important thing to note: When Instagram is rolling out updates, especially multiple different ones, the app can experience glitches more frequently than normal. Always be sure that you have the latest version downloaded on your device and report any issues you experience to Instagram.

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3 Reasons Why Your Ads Are Underperforming

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If you have encountered ads that are underperforming, it can be frustrating to not see a return on investment. Even after giving your account proper time to optimize, there are a few common reasons for underperformance that can hinder your success.

1. Your Campaign and Website Pages Are Not Aligning

Be sure that when linking your ads, they direct to a specific landing page for consumers to easily convert. The home page has all the generic information about the business, but a landing page is better optimized and customizable for conversions. Once you have an established landing page, make sure that your campaign descriptions, headlines, and landing pages have seamless messaging that all compliments each other. This allows for a consumer to resonate with your service or products all the way from web searches, clicking on the ad, and through the website experience.

2. Call to Action is Not Clear

The call to action in your ad needs to match up with the ad copy, along with a relevant landing page. Be sure to show the benefit of your product or service, how you differ from competitors, and implement an easy process for customers to move through the purchase funnel of awareness, interest desire, + action.

3. Budget Is Constrained

Having a low budget that is less than the recommended amount can prevent you from getting traffic. Make sure you are allocating at least $20/day PER campaign to be able to scale and optimize your campaigns properly.

If you are having issues and need support navigating your ads, reach out to us today for more information.

Cutting Edge Earned Media Strategies

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Although brand and agency PR and earned media efforts have been rocky over the past couple of years, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see a great ROI in 2022 with these trends.

Affiliate Marketing 

You’ll want to make sure you have a solid affiliate marketing strategy for 2022. Because of COVID-19, it is no surprise that businesses are investing a lot in their digital affiliate marketing programs. The popularity of influencer marketing has seen its highest jump since 2015. 

If you’re not looking to break a budget trying to reach large influencers with huge audiences, micro and nano influencers are currently dominating the affiliate market as they continue to grow their loyal audiences. 


Podcasts are becoming a great earned media strategy as more and more people use them to listen to shared stories or to learn more information while being easily accessible. 80% of podcast listeners listen to all or most of an episode from their favorite people. It is a great tool to hone in your target audience. 

Decentralized PR

The days of journalists depending on one source for press releases and mass media blasts are over. 

Decentralized PR allows the use of corporate social media and personal profiles to share important news. This helps foster direct and more personable connections with the consumers on those platforms. 

If you need any help navigating new trends or earned media strategies, reach out to us today for more information.

3 Tips to Improve Your Website

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Here are 3 simple tips to help improve your website:

1️. Why should I buy from you? (WSIBFU)

Users should know what you do without scrolling. Users tend to stay on a webpage for 10-20 seconds – sometimes even shorter! This makes it all the more important to have an efficient WSIBFU answered as soon as a user lands on your website. Your WSIBFU needs to be precise enough for users to digest quickly and easily so you can earn more of their screen time over your competitors.

2️. Keep it short and catchy!

People will prioritize reading headlines over body content and then skim the body content to reinforce whether this is what they are looking for or not. If your headlines aren’t catchy, or at least short and easy to understand, users may skip a section they need because it is too confusing. If your body content is too long on the landing page, this information most likely will not be skimmed correctly and they may miss out on key details. Keep the bulk of your information within interior pages for users who have committed to learning more about a certain topic by clicking the call-to-action.

3️. Optimize images to improve page speed.

The easiest way to optimize your images is to resize them. Most computers should have a built-in editor to achieve this. If images are too large, they will slow down your website considerably, especially if you have a lot of images or full page backgrounds. Also, do not use images that are too small! They may end up being too pixelated when placed within your website. Clean and crisp photos help give users a nice experience while building trust within your brand. We recommend using to optimize your images. It’s a free resource that can help decrease your images to an optimal file size.

If you need any help with your website, reach out to us today for more information.

Is Your Website Slow To Load?

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Are your websites slow to load? You may need to clear your cookies and cache!

When you use a web browser, websites save your browsing data as cookies. These cookies are stored in a cache, allowing your browser to remember parts of websites to help them load faster the next time you visit.

However, these caches fill up over time and when they get too full, it can slow down your web experience. Clearing the cache can help with this!

When was the last time you deleted your cookies?