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    A&J Fencing

    AJ Fencing

    Project Description

    A&J Fencing was looking for a visually prominent template website with clean navigation and explanation of services.

    Website Attributes

    We utilized a WordPress theme template that featured large full-page cover images, services with images followed by a call to action, and an image gallery within their front page. We kept the menu and amount of pages consolidated for clear navigation. The new design allows for a much easier browsing experience with clear service explanations and large images.

    About A&J Fencing


    In 2017, we created A&J Fencing, a small, family-owned company. Our goal as a small family business is to provide excellent quality fences and to be more involved within our community, and since then we have done just that. We are a small business, and we pride ourselves on the connections we make in the communities that we provide our services for. We not only work in these communities, but it’s where we live, as a family with our kids

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