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Dana Lyons needed to transition from a dated personal site to a full service website to welcome visitors into a safe and understanding place. Dana’s vision for All One Ministries website is to target the many people who are feeling broken, yet speak to each individual personally. Her goal is to give hope, build faith, inspire courage, and encourage those who need it – and these were the feelings built throughout the experience.

We designed a clean and relaxed experience, walking users through the necessary information to help them understand who Dana is and how she can help. Dana just wants to help people, so, whether visitors are coming to the site to purchase her book, looking to reach out to just talk, or just searching for inspiration, there is something there for everyone throughout the site.


  • The site emphasizes encouraging copy and quotes throughout.
  • There are clear call to actions but do not dominate the experience, rather are used to reinforce the welcoming feeling.
  • Online store
  • Donations
  • Categorized separate posts pages



My heart is to share hope with those in need and to help rebuild and restore families one person at a time. Change starts with me and it starts with you. I don’t have all the answers, but I hope to always point you to the one who does. He is Faithful.

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