Árdíri Winery

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Project Description

Árdíri Winery was looking for a website refresh to update their design, display their wines, and clearly provide information to users. This site was built on WordPress. We redesigned their front landing page from four links and a description of the winery to adding a landing hero scene, intro video, images showcasing their winery, and CTA’s throughout.

Website Attributes

These changes improve their presentation power, give users reasons to explore their website, make it easy for them to do so, and improve the general user experience while on the site. One of the pieces needed was a rework of how they display and offer their wine. Moving away from an external store manager, we created a custom post type that allows the winery to easily and dynamically remove or add wines with pertinent information and labeling.

About Árdíri Winery


Árdíri’s Winery winemakers personally tend to these unique vines, planted in the rare Burgundian meter-by-meter spacing. Dedicated to making the finest Pinot noir and white wine blends, Árdíri’s winemakers produce wines from the Laurelwood District AVA appellation and source wines and grapes from California’s Napa Region. Árdíri also offers a one-of-a-kind blend of Pinot noirs from each region.

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