Bella Organic

Bella Organic

Project Description

For this website refresh we worked on making the Bella Organic site design more modern. Our challenge was to integrate services that could only be done in-person at the farm to now being available online.

Website Attributes

We created a shared inventory between the online and farm store so customers could purchase tickets and sign up for wine club virtually and in person.  We also were able to add an events calendar, which helps display Bella Organic services and makes it easy for customers to navigate when they should visit!

About Bella Organic


Bella Organic is a 100 acre Certified Organic Farm located on the beautiful Sauvie Island, in the City of Portland. Our goal is to promote Responsible, Organic, and Sustainable farming practices. We also farm an additional 100 acres in Clackamas County. We grow over 70 varieties of berries, fruits, vegetables, pumpkins, vineyard grapes, herbs, and nursery stock. We offer a large variety of organic products for the U-Pick, Already-Picked, as well as for the local retail and wholesale markets. All of these products are available during the season, in our farm store! We also do promotional activities at the farm to promote the sale of farm products.

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