Budget Blinds

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Services Provided

We mainly manage both Budget Blinds of Beaverton and Budget Blinds of Lake Oswego Independently.

  • Radio Buys / Advertisements in the entire Portland area for the 5 Portland Metro Area franchises.
  • Marketing Meetings
    • Monthly meeting (1 hour) to discuss marketing strategy including but
      not limited to: analytics, advertising, editorial planning, newsletter planning, graphic design and content, social media strategy and development.
  • Execution Hours for Social Media
    • Our execution hours provide clients the ability to send a ticket to our online task management system where they are able to keep track of the progress of the task and communicate directly to responses from our team.

Services Provided

  • Content Strategy
    • We invest time in content strategy,
      photography, video, ideas to post and pitch. We develop a list of potential
      pitches and make a plan to pitch these ideas to local
      media, bloggers, writers, and TV and radio shows.
  • Advertising and Paid Ads
    • Based on Budget Blind of Beaverton’s target – we have planned out, designed and launch campaigns that target their ideal customers via location-based, mobile and desktop advertising campaigns and retargeting efforts.

About Budget Blinds


“We’re your local experts and are proud to be backed by the #1 provider of custom window coverings in North America that has provided design-driven solutions for over 25 years. With the highest levels of customer satisfaction, you’ll have the peace of mind and security that comes with choosing the proven leader.”

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