Commercial Lumber and Pallet Co.

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Services Provided

  • Maintenance
  • Website Updates
  • Reporting and Tracking


We regularly perform our website security updates keeps CLC’s site secure and protected from hackers. With Website updates clients agree upon a number of execution hours providing clients the ability to send a ticket to our online task management system where they are able to keep track of the progress of the task and communicate directly to responses from our team. Through the website’s connection with Google Analytics, we send monthly reports on the client’s site stats month over month.

About CLC

“Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company is a leading Manufacturer of New Quality Wooden Pallets. Originally established in 1941 as Commercial Lumber Company, a wholesaler of Industrial Lumber Products, Commercial Lumber and Pallet Company opened its first pallet facility in the City of Industry, California, in 1975.”

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