Demland and Cromwell

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Services Provided

  • Marketing Accountability Meetings
  • Execution Hours
  • Website Maintenance

We regularly perform our website security updates keeps Demland and Cromwell’s site secure and protected from hackers. Our execution hours provide clients the ability to send a ticket to our online task management system where they are able to keep track of the progress of the task and communicate directly to responses from our team.

Marketing Accountability Meetings are a monthly meeting (1 hour) to discuss marketing strategy including but
not limited to: analytics, advertising, editorial planning, newsletter planning, graphic design and content, social media strategy and development.

About Demland & Cromwell


“Demland & Cromwell is a boutique law firm specializing in helping entrepreneurs, women and family owned businesses, and those in the cannabis industry to put smart strategies in place to protect their legal interests.  As businessowners ourselves, we understand the need for experienced, thoughtful, and pragmatic advice within a transparent cost structure.”

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