Dodge Media Productions

Dodge Media Productions

Project Description

The client’s past website was due for a much needed refresh and we accomplished this through a custom built website. The client was looking for a website to showcase their videos, clearly describe their services, and represent their brand.

Website Attributes

We created a project custom post type to create their portfolio feed. We implemented the ability to stream the video within the portfolio feed while allowing users to click into the project to learn more about the case study. The portfolio also supports non-video projects. We gave all of their interior pages a unique design that would function as lead pages while we consulted the client on their content.

The site’s branding was switched from a dark theme to a brighter, more inviting color scheme to better represent their passion for filmmaking and their cheerful and friendly brand personality.

About Dodge Media Productions


Dodge Media Productions produces polished videos for small businesses and non-profits to entice and inform their clients and customers of their mission and message.
As a family-owned business, we are all storytellers and strive to help you star in your own production.

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