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Project Description

Impact Sign was looking for a new and improved user experience on their website. They wanted a website that was image focused, easy navigation, showcased services, and a quick and easy user funnel.

Through communicating with the client during revisions, we found a sweet spot between images versus text strengthened by a unique design that showcases their work with call-to-actions throughout allowing for when users decide they have seen enough and it is time to start a project.

Website Attributes

The design on the services pages features the service title on the left side with additional information if needed for further context while the right side features a large scrolling image. The solution brought by this design helps guide the users eyes from left to right, taking in the information of the service and then to what that service looks like in the world. Scrolling down the page, images are revealed from underneath the previous, engaging users to continue scrolling.

About Impact Sign


Impact Sign is a leader in multi-faceted sign solutions for individuals, organizations, and both large and small businesses. We utilize cutting-edge technology and produce in-house the majority of items that go out our doors.  We pride ourselves on creating a vertically integrated solution that allows us to have the greatest control over our designs, production and installation.  Our team of employees includes in-house installers for projects of all sizes, an in-house graphic designer, and project management.

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