In Perfect Balance Massage

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Melissa was in need of a new brand for her massage therapy. We performed naming, logo design, business card, and rack card design services. She emphasized the need to illustrate balance. She wanted her brand to invoke feelings of classy, eclectic, and calming with a water theme.


The symbol takes on a circle that mimics waves, reinforcing the balanced and calming theme. In Perfect Balance Massage’s typography features Acumin Variable Condensed Light, a thinner font that brings feelings of classiness. Melding a dark and light blue/turquoise with an accent of gray completes the logo, bringing it all together for a balanced brand.

About In Perfect Balance Massage


“My name is Melissa Ballew. I am the owner of In Perfect Balance Massage. Licensed in Massage Therapy, I specialize in Relaxation using Swedish Techniques and Aromatherapy. I am originally from North Carolina and studied massage therapy at Miller-Motte College.”

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