Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce

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Our redesign of Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce’s (LOCC) website brings them up to date with a modern design and a user-friendly CMS. Transitioning from Drupal to WordPress, our goal was to place as much power in the hands of the client, allowing them to make updates to the website easily knowing where and what they are updating. We built a robust amount of features around a sleek design geared towards clearly providing members of the chamber the information they need to know and showing new users the benefits of the chamber with call-to-actions to join.


LOCC’s website houses many features and Chamber Master integrations:

  • Business Directory
  • Events Feed & Event Calendar
  • Facebook Feed
  • Online Membership Signup
    • With options for different membership levels
  • Advanced slider functionality



“Mission: The mission of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce is to strengthen local business through education, advocacy and community partnerships.

Vision: To be a vital partner in making Lake Oswego a vibrant and inclusive community to visit, grow a business and call home.

Values: Future Focused: provide catalytic, strategic leadership that positions members for an event brighter future
Member-Committed: maintain a relevant, responsive organization that is inclusive of our diverse community.
Excellence Driven: commit to providing quality events and programming that reflects integrity and fiscal responsibility.”

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