Northwest Integrative Medicine

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Marketing Accountability Partnership

We provide NWIM with Execution Hours for Design and Marketing Tasks.

Working closely with NWIM, we market their promotions, events, and their live video series – Into The Wild. This allows the doctors at NWIM focus on their work by keeping them up to date online with banners and posts to grab the attention of potential and current followers.

Website Maintenance

We regularly perform our website security updates keeps NWIM’s site secure and protected from hackers. If NWIM needs marketing or website updates such as a new web banner or updated information, they are able to send a ticket to our online task management system where they are able to keep track of the progress of the task and communicate directly to responses from our team.

About NWIM


“NWIM (pronounced In-Wim) is a holistic, integrative clinic that provides primary care services to patients of all ages. Being integrative means that we have more tools at our disposal to help you on your quest for health. We can order labs, imaging, and pharmaceuticals just like medical doctors, but in addition to this, we are trained in the use of many other therapies.”

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