Oregon City Guide

Oregon City Guide

Project Description

Oregon City Guide was looking to improve their admin and user website experience while also improving community outlook and outreach. The previous website was restricted through its previous theme template, as it was difficult to make updates and to achieve aesthetic designs and layouts. To stay within budget, we utilized another WordPress theme template that allowed more design and layout freedom.

Website Attributes

We added more entry points on the front page to help users find what they are looking for. To improve the community outlook we implemented unique videos and images akin to Oregon City to speak to those already living there or looking to visit. To improve community outreach we added an event calendar with the ability for users to submit their own events through a form.

About Oregon City Guide


When I relocated here from Portland and built a home, I couldn’t find as much online as I had hoped to.  After living here for a good while, I still am amazed at how much is NOT online so my focus is two-fold; helping visitors understand what life in Oregon City is like and helping citizens easily access what’s new in OC as well as celebrate all the positivity that OC residents are involved with.

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