Resettle Realty

resettlerealty portcover

Logo Design

We designed Resettle Realty’s new logo to complement their luxury real estate identity. Our conception focused on what would best speak to prospective clients while also providing them with franchising opportunities across the United States.

Design Attributes

We worked with Resettle Realty on mood boards they had created depicting their ideal colors and feel. The icon is a circle and triangle represent the shape of the sun and a mountain while also being a recessed “R.”


Meet Jess McCollum. Jess is a Washington native and a proud Army Veteran. She also has an extremely impressive real estate resume. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated and built upon her already strong negotiation skills, gaining experience in short sales and working directly with investors. Jessica is licensed to practice real estate in both Washington and Oregon, and she has negotiated $100s of millions in sales…including achieving her lifelong goal of selling real estate to a Portland Trail Blazer!

In addition to being a real estate rock star, Jess McCollum is a proud mother of four children. In her free time, she enjoys watching sports, attending Blazer games and participating in equestrian activities with her family. She also loves traveling and is an avid animal lover.

Jess runs a highly efficient, client oriented team and is looking forward to growing the brokerage she founded, Resettle Realty.

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