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    Symposium Coffee

    symposiumcoffee portcover


    Symposium Coffee was in need of a complete brand refresh with the goal in mind to modernize and better communicate to their target market who they are and what they do.


    Symposium Coffee wants its brand to convey community and building relationships. For this, we opted for a circle symbol logo that also lists what they offer for a transparent message. Since they offer many different categories of products (coffee, whiskey, and provisions) we curated 5 distinct colors to represent different products. This includes their new main logo in “Symposium Red” and they previous brand green.

    We packaged their main logo, shortened logo, coffee bean circle,  and their classic icon in all of the colors.

    About Symposium Coffee


    Symposium coffee is Sherwood and Tigard’s finest coffee and whiskey house featuring Stumptown and Coava Coffee Roasters and Steven Smith Teamaker. Their well rounded bar of whisk{e}y, gin, and other spirits will satisfy the palate of any patron.

    SymposiumCoffee Full Red 1
    SymposiumCoffee JustCoffee Orange
    SymposiumCoffee Icon green

    SymposiumCoffee BeanCircle Charcoal
    SymposiumCoffee Bean Brown

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