The Enloe Group

The Enloe Group

Project Description

The Enloe Group is a real estate business that wanted a website that would showcase their listings, home photography and video tours.

Website Attributes

We created a template website with a listing functionality that displays current and sold homes. We were also able to integrate the listings with galleries and videos of the homes to help users virtually tour. The site gives a clear call to action and looks professional, while maintaining a unique and personable tone.

About The Enloe Group


Working with The Enloe Group is a great experience, or so we are told. But don’t just take our word! You can see what our clients are saying here. We want you to feel well taken care of, supported in your needs, and educated on real estate practices so you can make confident decisions for your future. Once we start our working relationship, you’ll be set up on a group message thread with both Michael and Tegan. That way you can always reach one of your realtors for a quick update and/or assistance. We believe in being over-prepared (it’s the engineering in us) and making sure you are treated with concierge-level service. Need moving boxes? We will drop some off. Aren’t sure how to stage your living room? Tegan is here to help! Did we just become best friends? We like to think so.

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