Tigard Chamber of Commerce

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Project Description

Tigard Chamber of Commerce has been a long time partner with Edge One Media and it was time to refresh their website from our previous design. There was an emphasis on decreasing the barrier for potential members to join the chamber and reorganizing its content.

Website Attributes

We went through a few rounds of content organization, removing pages that no longer served a purpose and merging pages that shared common goals. After which, we designed a new website, brightening up the overall look and feel to convey a more welcoming and collaborative identity. We designed a simple yet engaging layout with large images, concise text, integrated ChamberMaster blocks, and purposeful call to actions to the highest priority goals of the website.

To break down an initial barrier of potentially feeling overwhelmed or not knowing where to start, we created a membership level “personality” quiz to help users decide which membership level is right for them.

About the Tigard Chamber of Commerce


Think of the Tigard Chamber (TACC) as a tool that enables and equips your business to be more nimble, reach farther, grow faster and stay ahead of the competition. By joining over 300 other member businesses that are part of the Tigard Chamber, an elite 10% of Tigard’s business community, you not only leverage that network, but each of these members’ connections and knowledge, as well. It is exponential. Got a business challenge, question or idea, you are not alone as part of the Tigard Chamber.

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