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    We Got The Keys

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    Logo Design

    We redesigned We Got The Keys logo to bring to life what they represent. Our conception focused on what would best represent their ideals of making the process easy and fun for the client including the best part, giving them the keys!

    Design Attributes

    Utilizing a combination of shades of blue with an accent of yellow, the color theory behind this invokes a sense of trustworthiness, energy, and cheerfulness. The free flowing water-color-esque type continues to strengthen the brand, becoming a strong standalone piece. The icon brings it all together with the house and birds, illustrating its industry and the type of experience a client can expect.



    “No matter your needs, wants, and goals, Jen is here to listen and work with you to make them happen. She strives to exceed expectations in every situation, which is why she’s taken the time to establish effective systems for every aspect of a real estate transaction. Additionally, she’s spent her years in real estate forming a team of industry professionals who work with the same care and efficiency that Jen provides to her clients. At the end of any transaction, she hopes to remain a resource for her clients for years to come.”

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