West Hills Dental

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Services Provided

  • Marketing & Content Strategy Meetings
    • Monthly meeting covering analytics, advertising, editorial planning, newsletter planning, graphic design and content, and social media strategy

Services Provided

  • Paid Per Click Advertising
    • Based on West Hill Dental’s target – we have planned out, designed and launch campaigns that target their ideal customers via location-based, mobile and desktop advertising campaigns and retargeting efforts.
  • Website Maintenance
    • We regularly perform our website security updates keeps West Hill Dental’s site secure and protected from hackers.

About West Hills Dental


“My job in our dental office is to present all options available in dentistry from simple dental exams to implants and snore appliances. If we can’t provide it I will refer you to someone who does. It’s not about ‘business’ it’s about service… at West Hills Dental we strive to earn your respect.”

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