Web Designer



Meet one of our Web Designers—Madison!

Madison is from Port Townsend, Washington and is a recent graduate from Evergreen State College where she studied Visual Arts and Web Design. In her role as a Web Designer, she does everything from building and maintaining websites to communicating with clients and even writing newsletters.

She is a recent Portland transplant and has found that she enjoys perusing the local Craiglist listings when she’s not doodling or making crafts. As a woman of duality, she likes watching TV that ranges from her comfort show “New Girl” to her favorite “discomfort” show “Black Mirror”. 

Her fun fact? She has a pet snake that she had rescued!

Administrative Assistant



Say hello to Kathryn, our Administrative Assistant at Edge One!

Kathryn hails from Alameda, California and had graduated from San Francisco State University with a Creative Writing degree before making her way up to the Pacific Northwest. As Edge One’s Administrative Assistant, Kathryn’s day-to-day duties range from scheduling meetings with clients and answering phone calls to managing projects and keeping the office organized.

In her free time, she likes reading and writing, watercolor painting, exploring the outdoors through hikes, and watching her favorite film, “Labyrinth”.

Her fun fact? She was a competitive swimmer for 12 years!

Social Media Strategist



Meet Erica, our Social Media Strategist!

Erica was raised in a small town in Oregon before moving to Washington to study Creative Writing and Women & Gender Studies at Seattle University. Following her graduation, she moved back to Oregon and has lived in the Portland metropolitan area since then. In her role, Erica handles all things social media-related at Edge One.  Whether it’s scheduling out social media posts for clients, handling engagement on social platforms, or creating Instagram reels, Erica is the strategist you need for your business.

When she’s not at Edge One, Erica likes to watch her favorite reality TV shows “Survivor” and “Real Housewives” as well as spend time with her fiancée and their three children (cats).

Her fun fact? She is half-Japanese and had attended a Japanese immersion school for 7 years!

Lead Web Designer



Say hello to Jake, our Lead Web Designer at Edge One!

Born and raised in Portland, Jake had briefly flown the coop during his undergraduate years at the University of Redlands to study Business Administration and Graphic Design & Photography before he returned to his rightful place in the PNW. As our Lead Web Designer, Jake takes on the bulk of the work on our design team and acts as Nicholas’ right-hand man. His usual responsibilities vary depending on the client, but typically he assists in company branding, web design and development, and meeting with clients. 

His favorite activities to do in his free time include doing restaurant and bar crawls, playing basketball and video games, and spending time with his two cats. 

His fun fact? Jake had joined Edge One as an intern at 18 years old and is still with us nearly a decade later!

Marketing Director



Say hello to the other half of our leadership team—Megan De Salvo, our Marketing Director and Creator of Opportunities! 

Megan had studied Theater at La Quinta High School before making the trek up to Ashland to attend Southern Oregon University, which is where she met Nicholas—and the rest is history, as they say! Since joining Edge One Media in 2010, she has become the office’s “jack of all trades” by expanding the marketing network, interfacing with clients, managing projects, and so much more.

When Megan isn’t in the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, and watching musicals with Nicholas.

Her fun fact? She is a member of the International Thespian Society and has won awards for her stage acting, directing, and voiceover work! 

CEO and founder



Meet one half of our fearless leadership team—Nicholas De Salvo, the CEO and founder of Edge One Media!

From his humble beginnings at Portland’s Grout Elementary School where he excelled at naptime and singing the alphabet, Nicholas has since refined those skills into an espresso addiction and a hearty love of musicals. Nicholas is not only Edge One’s founder but also the heart and soul of our Web Design team; he juggles everything from online advertising to website development to podcast creation. As our “Chief Troublemaker,” he likes the office to maintain a healthy balance of working hard and playing hard.

Nicholas is a Portland native who loves playing music and singing, watching TV across genres from professional wrestling to Gilmore Girls, attending Portland Trailblazer games, and spending time with his family. 

His fun fact? He’s run 4 marathons but struggles to walk up more than 4 flights of stairs!