Meet one half of our fearless leadership team—Nicholas De Salvo, the CEO and founder of Edge One Media!

From his humble beginnings at Portland’s Grout Elementary School where he excelled at naptime and singing the alphabet, Nicholas has since refined those skills into an espresso addiction and a hearty love of musicals. Nicholas is not only Edge One’s founder but also the heart and soul of our Web Design team; he juggles everything from online advertising to website development to podcast creation. As our “Chief Troublemaker,” he likes the office to maintain a healthy balance of working hard and playing hard.

Nicholas is a Portland native who loves playing music and singing, watching TV across genres from professional wrestling to Gilmore Girls, attending Portland Trailblazer games, and spending time with his family. 

His fun fact? He’s run 4 marathons but struggles to walk up more than 4 flights of stairs!