3 Tips to Improve Your Website

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Here are 3 simple tips to help improve your website:

1️. Why should I buy from you? (WSIBFU)

Users should know what you do without scrolling. Users tend to stay on a webpage for 10-20 seconds – sometimes even shorter! This makes it all the more important to have an efficient WSIBFU answered as soon as a user lands on your website. Your WSIBFU needs to be precise enough for users to digest quickly and easily so you can earn more of their screen time over your competitors.

2️. Keep it short and catchy!

People will prioritize reading headlines over body content and then skim the body content to reinforce whether this is what they are looking for or not. If your headlines aren’t catchy, or at least short and easy to understand, users may skip a section they need because it is too confusing. If your body content is too long on the landing page, this information most likely will not be skimmed correctly and they may miss out on key details. Keep the bulk of your information within interior pages for users who have committed to learning more about a certain topic by clicking the call-to-action.

3️. Optimize images to improve page speed.

The easiest way to optimize your images is to resize them. Most computers should have a built-in editor to achieve this. If images are too large, they will slow down your website considerably, especially if you have a lot of images or full page backgrounds. Also, do not use images that are too small! They may end up being too pixelated when placed within your website. Clean and crisp photos help give users a nice experience while building trust within your brand. We recommend using tinypng.com to optimize your images. It’s a free resource that can help decrease your images to an optimal file size.

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