Marketing Audits

Increase Your Engagement, Brand Awareness, and Sales

Our Marketing Audits are created and recommends based on the current marketing climate. As things in the world of digital marketing change, scope and methods will evolve. We will work to get on the same page and have an outline of how we will work together to achieve your yearly marketing goals.
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Marketing Audits will highlight where you have been and may currently be focusing your marketing efforts and will illuminate areas for future growth. This is not intended to be a Marketing Plan, but a method that we can work from to create comprehensive and sustainable steps toward a Marketing Plan.

Marketing Goals

To create brand awareness, connect with prospective and current clients, engage with other brands, share stories and information (as authorized and able), post ideas and listen to feedback received.

Edge One Media believes a carefully targeted and thoughtfully managed online outreach effort will consistently benefit broader marketing goals which will help to build brand awareness, loyalty, and recognition by encouraging clients, fans, and partners to engage in new and exciting ways.
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