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Do You Have a Social Media Outage Backup Plan?

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So many of us rely on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to communicate with our clients, customers, friends, family, etc. but as we have seen recently, these social media platforms CAN suffer outages and we should have a backup plan.

For marketing, there are other avenues such as newsletters, blogging, website, google ads, email marketing, and SEO. While it is nice to highlight these using social media, they do also stand alone in the rare circumstance platforms are down.  


Newsletters are an excellent way to reach your target audience and increase brand exposure.

A newsletter is an informational and product-focused email that is sent to a subscriber list. Effective newsletters follow the 90-10 rule: 90% information, 10% sales material. They should be about providing subscribers with information rather than driving sales.


Blogging is another strategy to reach your target audience. Blogs are a great way to pull customers back to your website using new, informational content.

Here are three of the benefits of blogging:

☑️ Increases website traffic

☑️ Develops trust and credibility

☑️ Improves search engine ranking

Blogging is ideal for marketing as it naturally invites customers back to your website and promotes interactions between you and your customers.


Don’t neglect your website as a marketing tool. Your website is the best way for customers to learn about your business, your brand, and you!

A successful website provides the customer with a unique, branded experience, answering their questions and showing them your value.


Google Ads is a paid advertising platform in which you pay for each click or each impression on your ad.

This is a great strategy to reach your target audience. When your ideal customer is searching for products or services similar to what you offer, your ad will be presented to them.


Statistics show that more people use email than social media and that over half of people check their email before they check social media.

Why should you use email marketing?

➡️ Email is more personal, as it is delivered directly to the customer’s inbox rather than being posted publicly on a platform.

➡️ Instead of having followers on a platform, you have a list of subscribers to your emails and you own your list.

➡️ There are no algorithms! When you email your subscribers, it is delivered to each and every one of them rather than battling an algorithm.

➡️ Finally, email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing strategies. 1 in 5 marketing emails gets opened AND they have an average click-through rate of 3.57%. Facebook’s average click-through rate is 0.07%. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you average $38 in returns.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is the use of keywords and content throughout your website and marketing materials that brings your business up in search engine results. The more content that matches, the more likely you are to be the top result in a potential customer’s search!

SEO is essential for digital marketing because people conduct trillions of searches every year! These searches are often with the intent of finding products and services that fit their needs. The majority of online traffic to your website and other marketing is driven through SEO.

When outages like this occur, our clients don’t have to worry as our scheduling platforms are not within the social networks and we can easily re-schedule content and pause ad spend. 

If you need any help with social media and marketing, reach out to us today for more information. 

Google My Business Customer Service Updates

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There can be many common issues that business owners face while utilizing Google My Business. You may have logged in to your Google My Business dashboard, had a question, comment, or concern, and needed to contact customer service on short notice. Over the past year, Google My Business has combined all of their previous contact forms into one form available here.  Additionally, there have been more updates to ways to get in touch with Google My Business that we outline below.

Google has done away with the ability to call their toll-free customer support number, and they have made it very difficult to find their email support. Here is how to email Google customer support through your dashboard:

  • Click the support link in the bottom left of the Google My Business Dashboard
  • Select contact us
  • Answer the support questions and Google will direct you to a help center document or give you the option to email Google My Business customer service support
Contact Us

Social Media

There are also other ways to get Google’s attention through social media. If you go to their Facebook Page and comment on their posts or send them a message, their customer support team will be in contact with you. 

Google My Business

Additionally, you can contact Google My Business through their Twitter account either through private messages or by sending a tweet and tagging them @GoogleMyBiz. 

gmb tweitter

Google My Business tends to have personalized and fast responses on social media, so it may be more convenient if you are an avid social media user. 

If you don’t want to wait for a customer service rep to get back to you, you can also check out the Google My Business Help Center, which has more detailed information about common issues Google My Business members stumble across while using the platform. If you’d rather someone else help solve the puzzle and work with Google on your behalf, contact us to set up a call and we will take care of it for you. 

We Ranked Top 30 for Digital Marketing Agencies in Portland via DesignRush!

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DesignRush has ranked us as a top Digital Marketing Agency in Portland, OR! In our 18th year of business and through the last year of pandemic, we are so grateful to our community for trusting us with all things marketing, web design, and advertising.

It is our passion to help businesses thrive! In order to do so, we analyze what is working for them and what might need improving. Based on that, we are able to suggest next steps. Whether it be SEO updates, website refresh, or help managing social media- we are here for you!

Canva Vs Graphic Designer

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Canva, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop are each platforms that are used for design work. While Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are more versatile in content creation and can be used for branding, photography, graphic design, etc, it tends to be Canva that we often see businesses try to use for every design need.  

Canva is easy to use and often utilized to create custom templates for social media, presentations, and other marketing materials. Trying to use Canva for logo creation or graphic design doesn’t allow for much original design or creativity due to the nature of the pre-made templates on the platform. That means the design wouldn’t be very unique or high quality. 

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop have a higher learning curve than Canva so it takes time to use each platform to its full potential. They also are more expensive. The reason behind this is Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop give the designer freedom to build a design completely from scratch. The product is always high quality if the designer is doing it right. 

Having a designer who knows what they are doing is extremely important, with all platforms! When we have our Graphic Designer create something on Canva vs our Administrative Assistant, the results are wildly different. (see below) 

If you have the capability to learn Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and have an eye for design, we encourage you to purchase the platforms as it may be worth your while in the long run. Remember, Canva is great to use for template work but won’t do your brand justice if you use it for logo or other graphic design needs. Professional designers have the ability to listen to your needs and turn your ideas into a design that matches your style best. We think it’s worth it to have a design created you will use for years to come.

Reach out to us today if you have any further design questions.

6 Simple Tips for Creating Videos for Your Business

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Wanting to record videos for your business? We’ve created a list of recommendations to make sure your videos look and sound good for your intended audience. Once you get these down, you will start getting comfortable with recording in no time!    

1. Shoot in a quiet place.

The last thing you want is your neighbor’s lawnmower making a surprise appearance in your audio. Try to keep distractions to a minimum and make sure the focus is on the words you’re saying.

2. Face a window so the natural light can hit your face.

Good lighting is the easiest way to up-level your videos. Make sure the light hits your face / subject so you don’t end up with stark shadows or grainy video. If you position a light source behind you, your whole video will become dark and it becomes a distraction. Keep the light sources in front!

3. If shooting at night, consider using a ring light to improve the lighting. 

We recommend a tripod / phone holder which can be helpful to steady your device while recording. Without some type of light in a dark place, it may look like you are just a floating face. That could be humorous, but probably not what you’re looking for!

4. Look directly into the camera when speaking and not at the preview screen.

One of the biggest problems with self-created videos is when the subject looks at the preview screen instead of directly into the camera. If you look directly at the camera, the user watching the video will feel like you’re looking directly at them, which creates a deeper sense of connection on playback.

5. Use whatever device is convenient for you to record.

The best camera in the world is the one you have access to at any moment. A phone or computer will do the job – don’t overthink it! Don’t let technology be the obstacle that keeps you from creating content. The act of creating content will make you better at creating content and you can upgrade your skills and equipment over time.

6. Don’t treat any one video with extreme reverence.

The most important thing is that you record the video, get comfortable doing it, and then keep doing it. Keep. Doing. It. This is a volume game and you can’t create one video and expect it to be the final word on the topic. Your audience needs reminders, check ins, and accountability to incorporate your expertise into theirs.