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A Day In The Life – Refreshing Edge Podcast 28

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We’re back talking about the our daily habits and routines for productivity and workflow. How do Megan’s responsibilities make her workflows different than Nicholas? Why do they record the podcast late at night? Have they even slept in the last 3 months?

Also, we talk self care, our Refreshing Edge facebook group, and how to survive without sleeping for 3 months.

All that and more on another exciting episode of the Refreshing Edge Podcast


Spring Clean Your Business Marketing – Refreshing Edge Podcast 27

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We’re back with a 5 week challenge to spring clean your business’ marketing efforts. Is what you’re doing still working? Is the public information available about you accurate? Where should you be spending your time?

Also, we talk about why Polar is better that LaCroix, our Refreshing Edge facebook group, and why Nicholas drives Megan crazy when he makes sounds during a podcast.

All that and more on another exciting episode of the Refreshing Edge Podcast!


The Importance of Video Content in Social Media Strategy


From cat videos to five-minute crafts, video content has come a long way since YouTube’s launch back in 2005. The internet has become a video library, ranging from 6 seconds (we see you, Vine fans) to hours of content to binge at will. 

Because this content is so accessible and perfect for our short attention spans (a 2013 study by Microsoft found the average human attention span to be only 8 seconds!), it has risen to be one of the most popular post types on social media. 

It’s not just mindless messaging, though. Your audience is searching for you, and they’re searching video content. YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world, led only by Google. Every day, over 1 billion hours of video communications are provided to users on YouTube, and over 2 billion users are logged in each month. People are seeking out visual, informative, and personalized content; from entertainment to instructional videos, the opportunity for you to establish yourself as an expert in your field has never been more accessible.

In their latest report, Cisco projected that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will consist of video content by 2022. This is a huge percentage, and through social media, you can easily take this trend by storm. 

  • Back in 2020, Instagram launched Instagram Reels, which prioritizes short, engaging, informative clips for their users. Reels receive huge amounts of engagement, and are wonderful personal touches to your feed! 

On our social channels, we love to utilize TikTok and Instagram Reels to connect to our community. Check out the Reels to see what we’ve been up to! Videos are the perfect opportunity for our team to show our fun side to our audience, as well as keep up with the latest online trends.

Video content provides an incredible opportunity to connect to your audience in ways we could never do before. It helps create a community by allowing you to easily provide tips and tricks, connect a face to a brand, and show behind-the-scenes action, giving your audience a ticket to a sort of “exclusive club” within your business.

Go post a video today!

Best Practices for Blogging


With the rise of social media and influencer culture, blogging has become very popular. If you’re looking to add blogging to your marketing efforts, read on for some best practices that may help you get started! 

When creating a blog it is best to begin with a catchy title, approximately 4-8 words depending on the topic. Put yourself in your readers shoes after you’ve written the title and think about if you would want to read more based on that. If the answer is no, try coming back after the blog is written to think of your title and change it up from there. 

Adding one large image in the beginning OR several small images throughout the blog will help keep your audience’s attention. Make sure the image quality is good, otherwise it may look sloppy or be distracting. A couple good places to get free stock images if you don’t have a photo handy is or Make sure to name the file something search friendly.

As far as the writing goes try to: 

  • Write in the tone a reader in your target audience may be searching for.
  • Use keywords or search terms. Think of how clients or patients describe your services or products to you.  
  • Keep paragraphs short and easy to read.
  • Add bullet points or lists to break it up a bit if it’s getting too long.

End the blog with a clear call to action. This will guide the reader to your business if they’re interested in the message and want to learn more. 

Blogging can be tricky and time consuming if you’re not prepared. One last tip: Try to plan your blog before you start writing it (on paper or in your head). Think about the overall message you are trying to get out there and brainstorm. That will make the blog writing process easier!  
Reach out to us at or give us a call at 503-567-7343 if you’re interested in more information on how we can help you with blogging or any of our other branding, marketing, or website design services.

Keep The Relationship Going – Refreshing Edge Podcast 26

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We are reflecting on what the year in marketing has looked like in a post-COVID environment. We talk about emerging trends, innovative technologies, and keeping your relationships going when we’re all experiencing social distance fatigue.

Plus, we talk marketing tactics for your business and why we’re podcasting so late at night!