Best Practices for Blogging

2021 03 19

With the rise of social media and influencer culture, blogging has become very popular. If you’re looking to add blogging to your marketing efforts, read on for some best practices that may help you get started! 

When creating a blog it is best to begin with a catchy title, approximately 4-8 words depending on the topic. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes after you’ve written the title and think about if you would want to read more based on that. If the answer is no, try coming back after the blog is written to think of your title and change it up from there. 

Adding one large image at the beginning OR several small images throughout the blog will help keep your audience’s attention. Make sure the image quality is good, otherwise it may look sloppy or be distracting. A couple of good places to get free stock images if you don’t have a photo handy is or Make sure to name the file something search-friendly.

As far as the writing goes try to: 

  • Write in the tone a reader in your target audience may be searching for.
  • Use keywords or search terms. Think of how clients or patients describe your services or products to you.  
  • Keep paragraphs short and easy to read.
  • Add bullet points or lists to break it up a bit if it’s getting too long.

End the blog with a clear call to action. This will guide the reader to your business if they’re interested in the message and want to learn more. 

Blogging can be tricky and time-consuming if you’re not prepared. One last tip: Try to plan your blog before you start writing it (on paper or in your head). Think about the overall message you are trying to get out there and brainstorm. That will make the blog writing process easier!  
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