Coronavirus and Navigating Business During Times of Uncertainty | Refreshing Edge Podcast Episode 8

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This is a special Zero Day version of our podcast where we talk about a topic that is on everyone’s mind right now. The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has sparked numerous event closures, changed consumer-focus, and has cause a lot of uncertainty in World Markets.

We are not qualified to talk about the medical implications of this outbreak and we encourage you to listen to your local health authorities for any medical advice you may need. However, we do have some thoughts on what navigating this time as a business or professional might be like, what you can do to strengthen your customer and professional relationships, and how to stay positive in an uncertain business climate.

Plus we have some thoughts on tools you might use, tactics you might take, and are offering free brainstorming consults for anything you might be chewing on. We also have a Free Facebook Group as a resource.

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