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Dazzle with your design, create leads with your strategy

Through industry research and thoroughly understanding your goals/audience – we will capture your brand, differentiate from your competitors, and amplify your reach. Make an impact on those who support you the most or reach those who need your support – whether it’s through ads, social media, or newsletters.

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Social Media Strategy and Development

Discuss future Social Media and Online/Offline Marketing Strategy. Create a plan and/or calendar and assign tasks to your internal team and Edge One Media.

Newsletter Planning

Are you taking full advantage of one of the cheapest forms of advertising available? In our meetings, we can discuss future newsletters, specials, events and other newsworthy happenings.

Editorial Planning

Invest time in content strategy, photography, video, ideas to post and pitch. Earned media will help us tell your story in a positive, compelling way that will resonate with potential partners and customers.

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