How Real Estate Companies Can Best Improve Their Landing Page

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When potential home sellers, buyers, or renters start making searches, getting your real estate business to stand out so they can find it is a top priority. If you’re a real estate agent who’s buying or selling, landing pages can be more effective than high-profile listing sites for getting people to your offers. The challenge with all landing pages, though, is making a conversion. Here is a guide to making a high-conversion landing page.


Your landing page should be simple and to the point in all aspects, including the copy, images, calls-to-action, and search forms. As a business owner, you might be interested in everything your business offers. But a buyer is looking for something specific. A well-performing landing page gives them just that.

Add Unique Content

What goes on an optimized landing page? Anything with high impact that communicates your product or subscription benefits. Avoid rambling paragraphs or dull graphics. According to eRealty Advisors, you need to use video shorts, testimonials, e-books, quotes, photos and more to establish yourself as an authority in your area. Imagery sets the tone and shows what people imagine when they think of real estate, such as obtaining a dream. Photos should evoke feelings, be specific to your offer and present examples of the lifestyle it can provide. Written copy should be condensed and hit all the points a visitor needs to make a decision.

Real estate is about trust. Text should reveal the facts or common concerns, like location, number of bedrooms or fees, that make a case for action. Videos make a connection between the visitor and the product. They can function as tours and are perfect for real estate as moving backgrounds, providing insight and a sense of place. Testimonials build more trust by letting your customers do the talking for you.

Types of Landing Pages

According to Express Writers, well-written landing pages produce conversions and drive a revenue stream. Depending on what your landing page should do, there are generally two types of landing pages: click-through pages and lead gens.

Lead gens, or lead generation pages, are forms for email addresses, names, or other pertinent information. They’re calls to action that assemble customer lists for future promotions. Often, informative e-books or web presentations work as incentives in exchange for a visitor’s lead data.

Click-through pages skip long-term promotion and go for a product subscription or sale, typically with one click point taking the visitor to the store checkout to make a sale.

Landing pages are excellent converters because potential customers, whether they come from Google, Twitter, or promotional emails, arrive already wanting to know about your offer. Once they get there, they find a page entirely geared to explaining what it is and a clear option for taking action by signing up for promotions or making a purchase.

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