Monthly Marketing and Accountability Meetings

We Help You Stay Accountable With Your Marketing Goals

Our monthly marketing and accountability meetings are a way to help you stay accountable toward your marketing goals. In these sessions, we usually discuss the following items:


Reviewing custom reports for website, social media, and newsletter analytics and ROI. Many times, these can reveal integral insights to influence your future marketing decisions.


Target specific advertising opportunities. Explore paid advertising options on an as needed basis. Contests and Audience Growth Strategies.

Newsletter Planning

Are you taking full advantage of one of the cheapest forms of advertising available? In our meetings, we can discuss future newsletters, specials, events and other newsworthy happenings.

Editorial Planning

Invest time in content strategy, photography, video, ideas to post and pitch. Earned media will help us tell your story in a positive, compelling way that will resonate with potential partners and customers.

Social Media Strategy and Development

Discuss future Social Media and Online/Offline Marketing Strategy. Create a plan and/or calendar and assign tasks to your internal team and Edge One Media.

Graphic Design & Content

We may become your on call Marketing Department for Graphic Design and Content needs. In our meetings, we identify your needs and make a plan to develop assets based on

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Questions & Answers

What are Marketing Meetings for?

Marketing Meetings are monthly meetings that are a way to help you stay accountable toward your marketing goals.

What will we discuss?

Analytics, Opportunities for Growth, Advertising, Newsletter Planning, Editorial Planning, Social Media Strategy and Development, Graphic Design, Content, and Paid Ads.

Am I just paying for a Monthly Meeting?

Investing in Marketing Meetings gives you access to our staff for advice and guidance and accountability for your marketing needs throughout the month- the meetings are just when we get together to discuss it all and develop our plan! Outside of the meeting our staff is continuing to brainstorm helpful content and strategy for your company and keeping you top of mind.

What happens if I need to cancel or don’t show up on time?

If you need to miss one of your monthly meetings, please let us know as soon as possible. We will try to accommodate a reschedule whenever possible. Since our team is always doing work for your business throughout the month outside of our meetings, we do not provide refunds if the meeting is cancelled or missed. If you are late, we will not extend out time. If you know you cannot make it and provide ample notice, we may be able to allocate your hour that month as an execution hour for your business and send you a document with reporting and items we would have discussed for your individual review. This is all handled on a case by case basis, always reach out and see what we can do for you. For these meetings to be successful, your commitment is as important as ours, and we want to make sure we hold up our end of the bargain.

What are action items?

During each meeting we come up with a list of tasks for you to follow through on between our meetings. These tasks are important for you to complete to the best of your ability in order to see success and growth. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are confused or have questions during the month about the action items.

Why do action items matter?

Our team can brainstorm and come up with marketing strategies all month long, but if you are not implementing those ideas into your social media, advertising, design, etc., it will unfortunately just remain an idea. We are here to help any way we can.

What if I cannot find time for action item tasks during the month?

We absolutely understand that you are busy and can’t allocate all of your time to marketing! If you are finding yourself unable to complete the tasks we have discussed in our meetings, we also offer execution hours, where we can complete those tasks for you at an additional hourly rate per month.

What are execution hours?

Execution hours are a bank of time that we set aside to work on specific tasks for your business each and every. We will discuss how many hours are needed and the rate based on your needs and that bank of hours is there monthly for us to work from.

What are the next steps?

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have or to setup a consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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