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Precision Images needed updated printed documents to better match their new website’s visual identity. Transitioning from documents that primarily featured their logo followed by the document’s information with a few pictures – utilizing their color scheme and visual identity, we designed more engaging business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and informational documents on their products and services.


We included visual design elements such as large cover images with colored overlays depending on the context such as for presentation with the logo or designating the topic of a section. We utilized their different colors to help organize different types of content within the same document. We reorganized their documents to try and decrease the amount of pages to help with sustainability.

About Precision Images


Precision Images is a Portland-based print center offering high-quality printing finishing services, utilizing the latest, industry-leading printing equipment, and the expertise to see your custom projects through to immaculate completion. They have served the Portland community for over 25 years, and look forward to staying at the forefront of the marketplace for many years to come.

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