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Polish 2 Prosper

Project Overview

The path to upgrading or transitioning to a new career can be unclear or even intimidating! Polish 2 Prosper guides those through this process through direct coaching, online courses, and DIY products and needed a robust website refresh to organize their content, process, and products.

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Web Design

Our collaboration with Polish 2 Prosper focused on optimizing content to educate users about their services, courses, and products while driving action. Through extensive consultation, we gained insights into the client’s goals and audience, allowing us to structure the website in a logical flow that showcased their offerings effectively. With an interactive assessment quiz and strategic calls to action were implemented to guide visitors seamlessly through the user journey, encouraging them to find exactly where they are in their career, explore the appropriate services, sign up for courses, and engage with the client.

Throughout the project, our communication with the client was key. Regular updates and collaborative reviews ensured that the website aligned with their vision and effectively communicated their brand message. By working closely together, we transformed their online presence into an educational platform with clear calls to action, empowering users to take the next steps and driving conversions effectively.

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