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Borland Free Clinic

Project Overview

Borland Free Clinic was running a capital campaign called, “Building Hope Through Humanity” to help raise $1,500,000 in order to buiild a new clinic space to provide free medical care to the underserved in our community. In order to help them achieve their goal, our job was to brand the campaign, design a variety of deliverables to be utilized in advertising, and to create a campaign page on their website along with other updates to the site to inform users about the campaign.

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Medical Clinic


Graphic Design

Web Design



Brand Identity Overview

The Building Hope Through Humanity campaign’s visual identity needed to closely align with its current branding and identity. Users would need to easily associate the campaign with Borland Free Clinic as they would be donating to the clinic itself.

Building off of their two main colors, light blue #33bfc2 and their dark blue #26869d, we created a color pallete based on shades between the two. The wordmark is a designed to be simple, easy to read, and attention-grabbing.

BHTH Campaign Logo subtitle
BHTH Campaign Logo white


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Web Design

For Borland Free Clinic’s capital campaign, it was necessary to create a new page on its website to help inform users about the campaign and allow them to donate. This page describes the purpose of the campaign, its goals, how it will impact the community, and call-to-actions throughout the page for users to become part of their mission and donate to their cause.

In addition to the Building Hope Through Humanity page, a section on their homepage was created to advertise the campaign.

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