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Website Project Overview

We created a membership system enabling Cascade Commodity Consulting to securely provide customers with their highly valuable reports on their industry.

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Edge One Media designed Cascade Commodity Consulting’s website around 10 years ago but since then added functionality to their site to provide their customers with a valuable experience.

Their challenge was providing their customers with a user-friendly experience to view new and archived reports and Excel sheets in a secure manner – limiting password sharing and downloading of documents.

We built a system that allows Cascade Commodity Consulting to single or bulk-import customers into the website which in turn gives their users a login. The users are then able to access the members area where they experience clear navigation to new and archived reports and excel sheets. The system allows flexibility to allow or prevent downloads on specific documents.

The added security only allows one connection at a time and will log any other user who was previously connected. While it is near impossible to prevent password sharing, this system adds a barrier and also logs the users login location so they will know if they are viewing the reports from a place different from where they are registered.

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