Project Overview

Glance Glasses was looking for a photo-focused design to showcase their frames and the personality of the clients who wear them.  The goal was for the site to be simple and clean and keep the focus on the people.

We accomplished this with large hero images throughout the homepage with calls to action, unique and customized interior pages to retain user attention and an extensive frame gallery that offers more information and additional galleries within each brand.

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Web Design & Development


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Web Design

Glance Glasses provided a suite of professionally shot photos that drove the visual aesthetic of the website which showcased their products and the types of people they serve. These images were utilized to create hero images with incredible presentation power to guide users throughout the experience, enticing users to discover more about what they offer.

We developed a streamlined custom product gallery that allows users to view glasses of different brands easily and quickly while building an intuitive backend process for updating and adding brands.

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