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Outdoor Office

Project Overview

Outdoor Office was ready to take its business to the next step by providing new offerings, reaching new customers, and increasing brand awareness. To achieve this, we helped Outdoor Office refresh its brand with similar motifs illustrated in a clean design while developing a new website experience is built to grow as they grow.

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Brand Identity Overview

Working with Outdoor Office, we opted to simplify the logo and implement the brand’s motifs throughout their marketing materials. The simplified logo allows it to be more legible and more flexible for different mediums, print or online. To compliment the new logo, we chose two additional fonts, Calder (title) and Swear Text (body) to support their logos font – Calder (sub heading). They have two greens, a highlighted green that is utilized within titles and other elements to gain users attention, and a darker green to be used as a background color.

OutdoorOffice logo
Original on Transparent
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Outdoor Office fonts
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Web Design

Their website refresh is geometrically organized layout that lends itself to the brand identity and what they do. The site guides users through Outdoor Office’s process, showcasing the different offices they build, and the value that goes into each office with call-to-action’s throughout.

The site also features an office portfolio, an FAQ, a blog, and an online store.

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One Sheets & Ads

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