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Sonrise Family Farms

Project Overview

Sonrise Seed &. Family Farm was looking to expand their business by partnering with an international supplier and needed an online presence to instill trust and impress their partner. To help them achieve their goals within their budget, we opted to host a three session website building experience. During which, we settled on utilizing Squarespace to build the website together with the client.

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Web Design & Development


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Web Design

The website features a split landing page that directs users to the two different sides of their business. Each features a page that describes what they do and who they are with many pictures of their farm and the work that they do.

This experience included three separate sessions, 3 hours of allotted time each.

During the first session, we provided them with a few theme options that we felt fit their brand and industry and we talked about how we planned to help them achieve their goal of distinguishing the two separate businesses that they described in their intake form. The initial skeleton of the site was then built with the client present while taking notes for features that they wanted and provided the client with our insight about will take their website to the next level – in Sonrise’s case, specific types of photos and videos that they needed to take.

Between the first and second session, we added and made the requested updates and further filled out the website with their content. During the second session, the client provided updated images and videos that we implemented throughout the site with the client’s input. By the end of the second session, the general layout and content were solidified.

More updates and cleaning up of the site occurred during the second and third sessions. Finally, the third session included final updates to the site, further client education, and the launch!

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