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Refreshing Edge Podcast Season 2 Is Here!


In the first episode of our much-anticipated Season 2, Megan and Nicholas are back with big updates and new ideas for our listeners. Tune in as we discuss what we’ve had going on in the last year, what’s next in store for Refreshing Edge, and the unveiling of our newest segment called “Ask Megan and Nicholas!”

All that and more on another exciting episode of the Refreshing Edge Podcast!


Focus Your Messaging


In this digital world, it is important that your marketing message stands out from the crowd and tells your brand story. Meaningful messages that show your audience why they should choose your product or service are important for them to resonate with your brand. 

Crafting short messaging, addressing customer needs, and using straightforward language within your marketing strategy is crucial to truly connecting with your audience while showing that your service/product is the best option. Some different examples of messaging types include:

  • Value
  • Ease
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Practicality 
  • Sustainability 

If you need help with telling your brand story or have any questions, reach out to us today for more information.

3 Reasons Why Your Ads Are Underperforming

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If you have encountered ads that are underperforming, it can be frustrating to not see a return on investment. Even after giving your account proper time to optimize, there are a few common reasons for underperformance that can hinder your success.

1. Your Campaign and Website Pages Are Not Aligning

Be sure that when linking your ads, they direct to a specific landing page for consumers to easily convert. The home page has all the generic information about the business, but a landing page is better optimized and customizable for conversions. Once you have an established landing page, make sure that your campaign descriptions, headlines, and landing pages have seamless messaging that all compliments each other. This allows for a consumer to resonate with your service or products all the way from web searches, clicking on the ad, and through the website experience.

2. Call to Action is Not Clear

The call to action in your ad needs to match up with the ad copy, along with a relevant landing page. Be sure to show the benefit of your product or service, how you differ from competitors, and implement an easy process for customers to move through the purchase funnel of awareness, interest desire, + action.

3. Budget Is Constrained

Having a low budget that is less than the recommended amount can prevent you from getting traffic. Make sure you are allocating at least $20/day PER campaign to be able to scale and optimize your campaigns properly.

If you are having issues and need support navigating your ads, reach out to us today for more information.

Cutting Edge Earned Media Strategies

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Although brand and agency PR and earned media efforts have been rocky over the past couple of years, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see a great ROI in 2022 with these trends.

Affiliate Marketing 

You’ll want to make sure you have a solid affiliate marketing strategy for 2022. Because of COVID-19, it is no surprise that businesses are investing a lot in their digital affiliate marketing programs. The popularity of influencer marketing has seen its highest jump since 2015. 

If you’re not looking to break a budget trying to reach large influencers with huge audiences, micro and nano influencers are currently dominating the affiliate market as they continue to grow their loyal audiences. 


Podcasts are becoming a great earned media strategy as more and more people use them to listen to shared stories or to learn more information while being easily accessible. 80% of podcast listeners listen to all or most of an episode from their favorite people. It is a great tool to hone in your target audience. 

Decentralized PR

The days of journalists depending on one source for press releases and mass media blasts are over. 

Decentralized PR allows the use of corporate social media and personal profiles to share important news. This helps foster direct and more personable connections with the consumers on those platforms. 

If you need any help navigating new trends or earned media strategies, reach out to us today for more information.

The Rising Trend (Again) of QR Codes

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Chances are within the last couple of years you have seen QR codes (or Quick Response codes) out in the wild while out shopping or eating out at restaurants. While QR codes were once thought of as a gimmick, they have become a trend throughout the pandemic as consumers continue to value contactless forms of interaction. 

Originally created to replace barcodes within the manufacturing industry, QR codes provide the user with much more information. Additionally, QR codes are integrated into the camera of most new smartphones, which provides more ease than before when downloading a QR scanner app was required. 

While interest in QR codes has been lackluster in Europe and North America, more than 90% of Chinese mobile payments run through Alipay and WeChat Pay, where both platforms utilize QR codes for their transactions. 

QR codes have been utilized for all different types of retailers and are accessible to large and small businesses alike. It is a great way to share credentials, sustainability information, and generic information right on a customer’s smartphone.

While this is a rapidly growing technology and you may be considering implementing QR codes into your future business plan, there are some data concerns to be aware of. There are security risks where hackers send malicious links to consumers who scan the codes. According to Penta Security, “One common method is to embed a malicious URL containing malware into a QR code so that when a victim uses their mobile device to scan it, the malware would be downloaded and activated in their device”. 

So how do you protect yourself from these risks? The best way is to use a reputable QR code company. Here are some examples of reputable companies that provide flexible plans:

All in all, QR codes are not very expensive and provide a lot of conversions while sharing important information or promotions with your customers. If you need any help navigating new trends, social media, and marketing, reach out to us today for more information.