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Refreshing Edge Podcast Season 2 Is Here!


In the first episode of our much-anticipated Season 2, Megan and Nicholas are back with big updates and new ideas for our listeners. Tune in as we discuss what we’ve had going on in the last year, what’s next in store for Refreshing Edge, and the unveiling of our newest segment called “Ask Megan and Nicholas!”

All that and more on another exciting episode of the Refreshing Edge Podcast!


It’s Our Super Bowl Of Podcasting w/ Kyle Chank | Refreshing Edge Episode 31

2021 06 17

In this episode, we talk to Megan’s super hot Super Bowl brother, Kyle Chank, about event planning during and post pandemic, economic reopening, and what is was like to plan three Super Bowls (!!!!).

Plus, we talk about mindset, workload, and how Kyle won’t spend five dollars on a fan during the middle of summer. Intrigued? Us too!

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Business Lessons From A Pandemic | Gather Round & Graze, A Conversation With Kaley Chank | Refreshing Edge Podcast 30

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Everyone needs cheese in their life says, or at least that’s what Kaley from Gather Round & Graze says. We’re inclined to agree!

Kaley talks about launching a food service business after being laid off from her event coordination job and outlines how she found success, what has been effective marketing, and how she’s formed meaningful partnerships with her business community.

Plus she talks about how often she texts her meat guy, the 6 cheeses she always has in rotation, and how she’s become the top result for “Best Charcuterie In Tampa.”

All that and more on another exciting episode of the refreshing edge podcast. Enjoy!

Give Your Brand A Refreshing Edge – Refreshing Edge Podcast Episode 4

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In this totally NEW and completely AMAZING podcast, we talk about what it means to brand your business, what we wish people knew about branding, and how Megan once slapped Nicholas in the face OVER and OVER again.

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