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Marketing Audit

One 30 minute phone call with Megan DeSalvo

  • Extensive PDF Report

Price $995

Marketing Plan

This includes an in-depth look at your Digital Marketing for accuracy, usability, content, best practices, and to provide you with proper recommendations for future growth.

A Customized Strategic Marketing Plan will detail out  your Marketing goals for the next 12 Months and how you should go about to achieve them along with what success looks like. It will detail out demographics, trends in the areas you sell to, who your audience is, intended targets for growth, local and regional media options, and other opportunities as we see fit. Includes recommendations across all channels for improvement of your digital marketing efforts both online and off.

You will receive:

  • One 30 minute phone call with Megan DeSalvo.
  • A developed Customized Strategic Marketing Plan.
  • A Comprehensive PDF Report covering the plan and phone call.

Price $995