Update Your Website and SEO Strategy

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Are you seeing good amounts of traffic on your website but not seeing any leads or customers? It may be time for a Website and SEO Audit to figure out exactly why. 

An audit consists of our team assessing your website configuration and existing SEO for potential improvement. We thoroughly review everything from testing functionality of your site to analytics and provide you with a custom checklist of updates and changes we recommend once completed. The results vary from suggestions to create a content calendar for better organization to investing in a website refresh to make your site more user friendly. 

What your website refresh plan looks like will depend on what your website needs to convert a visitor into a customer. A website should answer the question “Why Should I Do Business With You?” in under 6 seconds of entering. The site should also give customers a call to action of exactly what step to take next, whether that is buying something, reaching out to make contact, or etc.. Ultimately, a website refresh, if needed, will help your business stay relevant in the changing times and continue giving customers the best experience possible interacting with you. 

The next important step after improving your marketing from the audit and refreshing your website is to maintain the website. Keeping your website up to date with plugin updates, framework updates, website backups (and more) helps to fix bugs that protect against hackers. This keeps your website looking good for customers and provides reassurance when browsing your site. 

A website and SEO audit is the best way to get detailed information about what you need to do in order to have greater success in marketing your business. After that, you can decide on what your next steps should be based on the results. We provide audits, website design and refresh, and website maintenance as separate services, so that you are able to take your time and figure out what the best next step is for your business.


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