Project Overview

CID Analytics’ mission is to bring positive change to a fragmented HOA marketplace. By educating buyers, they seek to empower homeowners in privatized residential communities in the United States.

Our goal was to craft a brand and online experience that reflects their mission and provides a smooth process of communication between the CIDA and their client. It is important for them to clearly communicate with the client the information they will need from them so they can properly create their personalized CIDA Report.




Brand Identity

Web Design & Development


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Brand Identity Overview

CID Analytics needed a brand refresh that reflected their values for being an advocate of homebuyers, providing valuable insight into the administrative and financial practices of HOAs. To achieve this, we refocused their brand imagery on the people who buy the homes rather than the homes themselves, featuring couples who are first time homebuyers and families. To reinforce their expertise and experience we developed a professional, minimalistic wordmark logo to create trust while utilizing the colors their brand is already associated with.

CIDA Logo Full
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CIDA Score combo


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CIDA fonts
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Web Design

We created a custom website for CID Analytics with the end goal of refreshing their design to have a more human-centric approach rather than focusing solely on homes. We also updated the logo to match their new look.

We were able to completely refresh CID Analytics site while making it easy to navigate and understand.  We also streamlined the checkout process for reports and implemented member-only content restrictions.

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