Project Overview

Kym came to us with a vision in mind utilizing floral aspects and softer toned colors. Providing a variety of logo styles inline with the interior design industry from geometric, wordmark, and symbolism, we reached a unique final monogram design that stands out from competitors but is identifiable with an interior designer. Phrases and words that echoed from our interview with Kym that inspired the brand were “niche”, “building relationships”, “ethical”, “listening to the client”, and “home is your haven”. Feelings that we needed to steer away from were “pushy”, “ego”, “snobby”, and “hoity-toity”.




Branding Identity

Web Design & Development


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Brand Identity Overview

The brand elements include a floral illustration stemming from a peony flower. The monogram combines the D and E forming space inside for the different colors of its brand which reinforces Design Elements NW’s custom interior design for everyone – no matter the space or style. In a climate full of sans-serif typography choices, we opted for a modern serif that reinforces the design side of interior design.

DesignElementNW LogoFinal Long

DesignElementNW LogoFinal LongLightOnDark
DesignElementNW LogoFinal LightOnDark


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DENW fonts
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Web Design

Design Elements NW’s website is designed and built with a blend of beauty and function – akin to Kym’s approach to interior design. We designed layouts that let the images of DENW’s interior design shine! These images are then reinforced by her branding elements coupled with information and clear Call-To-Actions.

The website features a categorized gallery organized by the different types of spaces within homes that she has focused on such as Living Rooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms, and more! If users would like to learn more about the process and how these projects came together, they can check out the Featured Projects.

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