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Sunset Valley Appraisal Group

Project Overview

First Choice Appraisals came to us in need of a website refresh to modernize and grow beyond their competitors. Getting potential clients to understand exactly what they do and converting online visitors were issues brought up during discovery. Our goal: Creating an inviting, simple, and visually engaging online experience for online visitors to easily understand what First Choice Appraisals can offer which demonstrates their expertise and what sets them apart.

We designed their appraisal process organized step-by-step with pertinent information so clients know exactly what they are doing every step of the way – keeping potential clients from being discouraged by not knowing what to expect.

You could not find any information behind the company culture within the previous site so we prompted FCA to provide appraiser bios to invite users to learn more about their appraisers and their expertise but most importantly who they are as people – reassuring potential clients they will know who they are inviting to their home.

Other attributes include a blog, a FAQ page, and strategically placed CTA’s so users can contact FCA whenever they are ready.

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